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Welcome to NFT Global Gallery
We are not just a gallery.
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Welcome to NFT Global Gallery
The hub for digital art and NFT.
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Welcome to NFT Global Gallery
Culture, education and economy...
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Welcome to NFT Global Gallery
A hybrid experience between digital and real life...
Our History

Welcome to NFT Global Gallery

A space to showcase the biggest art collection inside a public and accessible immersive digital experience which can be accessed from any mobile device to dedicated VR headsets and specialized high-end PCs without limitations on any device.

Is free and open to everyone.

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A hybrid experience merging digital and real-life under one roof.

Empowering, educating and creating new ways to discover art and artists

Our mission is to spread the usage of web 3.0 among newcomers and elevate the vision of experts with our one-of-a-kind experiences around the globe.

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We empower


artists with grants, education and visbility
Meet the Team

Who are we?

Different people from all creative, financial and cultural backgrounds are part of our team.


What we do?


Education for everyone

Whether is digital or IRL, we provide free education about blockchain, digital art, finance and several important topics.


IRL experiences globally

Whether you live in Latam or Asia we host physical events during the whole year.


Exposure and empowering.


From grants to exhibitions we gave the artists full visibility around the globe.

NFT's are culture.
A DAO for artists and investors

An NFT-centred DAO that gives you the option to choose among different aspects of the NFT Global Gallery, represented by a collection of 7,777 NFTs living on the Polygon Blockchain enabling you the power to choose whose artist will get grants, exposure and also the fate of the IRL events, such as speakers, music line ups and locations.

The NFT Global Gallery token "$NFT" with a capped supply of 100,000,000 tokens created to reward artists, enabling transactions in our NFT Marketplace and unlocking the possibilities inside our events to get anything from drinks and food to merch and even physical goods.

Stay up to date

News and Events

Future and past events

Where to Find us

"Make ART not content."